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ME140 Aerosol Therapy Machine (MESH)

Quiet battery-powered inhaler for children and adults.

Lightweight, very small and convenient to use, also great for lower respiratory tract care.

An extremely popular inhaler due to its small size and practicality. It is the only portable or. the quietest and most portable inhaler on offer.

It is the result of state-of-the-art technology and is therefore suitable for the whole family (including the little ones) and for all forms of respiratory inflammation.

For inhalation, we recommend a saline solution – Api-inhal.




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The Me140 is one of the most advanced aerosol therapy devices. Recent improvements in inhalation technologies have led to the development of mesh (MESH) inhalers, which use vibrating micro-pump technology to produce aerosols. The vibrating plate vibrates using a quartz crystal. One such device is the ME140 aerosol therapy machine, which is hand-held and portable. This medical device, the ME140 inhaler, pushes the liquid active ingredient through several openings in a micro-mesh to create an aerosol. The device is powered by a battery or by energy from a voltage adapter (not supplied) and is connected to the house mains.

The ME140 features quiet operation, short spray time, increased output efficiency and minimal volume of unsprayed active ingredient. The ME140 is more efficient than piston compressor sprayers. Studies have shown about 2-3 higher aerosol deposition in the lungs with MESH inhalers compared to piston compressor inhalers.

The kit includes: main unit, medicine cup with MESH dispenser, child and adult mask, USB power cable, two AA batteries

Recommendation: use with an inhalation mixture (all 3 are suitable, we particularly recommend the Api-inhal for flu and cold)

Did you know? Do not replace the aerosol from the inhaler with steam. Steam is evaporation, or. a change in aggregate state from liquid to gas and cannot carry the active substance, whereas an aerosol is a floating droplet of very small size that carries the active substance and, because of its small size, can deliver it directly to the site of inflammation.

How to use an aerosol inhaler? Add the inhalation fluid to the dosing cup (adjust according to the capacity of the inhaler cup) and start inhalation care. The usual dosage is around 10ml. After use, refill the inhalation fluid. When using Api-inhalation mixtures, they do not need to be mixed with saline but are used on their own.

How often do we perform aerosol therapy?

Preventive: 1x/day for 10min

Curative: 2-3x/day for 10-15 min, up to 10 days

Inhalation therapy in children and infants

For children, start with 5min of inhaled terpaia and gradually increase up to 10min. For babies, start with 2min and gradually increase up to 5min. Use a baby mask or. to a child who is smaller.

Technical data

Power supply: 2 AA batteries, 1.5V (3V total) or via adapter (not included) CD 5 V/1A, USD output. If you have a USB phone power adapter, DC 5V, you can use it.

Input power: 3 VA

Spray rate: greater than 0,25 ml/min

Noise: less than 50 dB

Capacity of the medicine container: 10 ml

Particle dispersion: 43% aerosol up to 1 um, 47% aerosol up to 5 um

Frequency of the spray panel: 160 – 180 kHz

Spray size of the device without mask : 115 mm x 66 mm x 46 mm


The cleaning procedures for the appliance are described in the appliance’s instruction manual.

The ME140 complies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/eec, a directive of the European Economic Community

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