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For pets


Pulzy Magnetic therapy for animals

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Magnetic therapy for animals with the Pulzy device is an innovative, proven and safe method to improve animal well-being. Used for:

  • pain relief,
  • promoting tissue regeneration,
  • strengthening bones,
  • boost your life energy,
  • improving the immune system,
  • calming and relieving stress,
  • improving sleep.

Pulzy generates healing frequencies over a very wide range, from 2 Hz to 1 MHz, which is a great advantage as each set of frequencies helps a different spectrum of problems. The device has 8 programmes, allowing you to select the therapy frequency that is most conducive to your desired condition.

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Pet-Inhaler for small animals


In addition to the basic unit, the Pet-Inhal contains the following parts:

1. Large dog mask
2. Mask for smaller dogs
3. Cat mask
4. Mouthpiece
5. Flexible hose
6. Medicine containers
7. Sealing ring

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