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Pet-Inhaler for small animals

In addition to the basic unit, the Pet-Inhal contains the following parts:

1. Large dog mask
2. Mask for smaller dogs
3. Cat mask
4. Mouthpiece
5. Flexible hose
6. Medicine containers
7. Sealing ring


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Aerosol therapy is a widespread treatment for respiratory diseases in animals.
Aerosol therapy is most commonly used to open airways that are blocked by
excessive mucus, and to regenerate damaged or weakened mucous membranes.

In some cases, it is also used to treat and alleviate certain other ailments
(rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, inflammation, allergies).

At the same time, aerosol therapy is suitable in the summer time, where we can make it easier for the pet to
beat the heat with a soothing aerosol. In addition, we can give your pet a break from all the
intense smells that humans do not detect to such a sensitive degree.

Why Pet-Inhal?

Pet-Inhal was developed with our little friends in mind. It includes a basic unit, the ultrasonic
an inhaler that is safe and easy to use. It is virtually inaudible so animals are not afraid of it.

We have developed 3 masks specifically for small animals:

Mask for larger dogs
Mask for smaller dogs
Cat mask.

All masks are properly adapted to our four-legged friends to make them as
a comfortable inhalation experience.

The set also includes a mouthpiece, a flexible tube, medicine cups and a sealing ring.


Before connecting the appliance, make your pet aware of the presence of the appliance and the desired
the attachment (mask or mouthpiece). You can bring him closer to inhalation by using treats and playing with him.
Put the treats in the mask a few times before inhalation to help the animal get used to the device.

It is important that your pet is comfortable inhaling and does not feel threatened. For a successful process
inhalation, use the attachment that is easiest for the animal to inhale the aerosol. Try to aerosol as much as possible
to get closer to your pet’s muzzle.

The Pet-inhal is an animal device and not a medical device.

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