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  • Pulzy electromagnetic therapy for animals
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  • electromagnetic therapy for dogs
  • PEMF therapy for animals

Pulzy Magnetic therapy for animals

Magnetic therapy for animals with the Pulzy device is an innovative, proven and safe method to improve animal well-being. Used for:

  • pain relief,
  • promoting tissue regeneration,
  • strengthening bones,
  • boost your life energy,
  • improving the immune system,
  • calming and relieving stress,
  • improving sleep.

Pulzy generates healing frequencies over a very wide range, from 2 Hz to 1 MHz, which is a great advantage as each set of frequencies helps a different spectrum of problems. The device has 8 programmes, allowing you to select the therapy frequency that is most conducive to your desired condition.

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What is a PEMF animal device

Pulzy is an animal device for PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) electromagnetic therapy, which restores the body at the cellular level and is considered one of the most effective treatment methods in modern medicine. It’s a completely natural method, discovered by Nikola Tesla, l. 2007, it was approved by the FDA as officially recognised.

The healing frequencies generated by Pulzy stimulate healing at the cellular level, contributing to self-healing, regeneration and harmonisation of the body. The pulsating magnetic field successfully helps to build up the charge of the cell membrane. Cells, as the basic building block, become more active. The whole organism they make up is thus more prosperous, more resilient to various diseases, while at the same time maximising the development of new tissue.

In which cases is Pulzy Magnetic Therapy a good choice?

  • In the process of your animal’s recovery.
  • Problems due to age.
  • It alleviates many diseases and problems.
  • For injuries, faster healing, general recovery.
  • For pain reduction.
  • Fatigue, low energy.
  • Stress relief.
  • To improve sleep.

Mild or severe illnesses in our animals are always a stressful time for both them and their owners. If your animals are not as lively as usual, have trouble sleeping, are in pain or their immune system is down due to stress, Pulzy may be the solution. A visit to the vet is only one part of the care and treatment, and recovery happens at home. Magnetic therapy is a proven and tested method that uses frequency to stimulate cells, tissues, organs and bring them back into balance, triggering self-healing. It can help with many problems, is carried out in the comfort of your own home and is painless. It can replace conventional treatments or be used in addition to other therapies and treatments. The PEMF Pulzy is also suitable for professional use with sport and agility dogs, race horses, livestock and other animals.

Why choose the Medikoel PEMF Pulzy device?

  • It has 8 programmes with different operating frequencies ranging from 2 Hz to 1 MHz (=1,000,000 Hz), allowing for a holistic revitalisation of the body at the cellular level.
  • Each programme has a specific range of frequencies, as different frequencies help different problems.
  • The instructions clearly outline the treatment protocol for the 5 groups of problems we want to treat: regeneration, fracture, inflammation, immune system, calming.
  • Easy and clear to use: the programme, strength, timing and frequency of therapies are clearly defined for each problem.
  • Portable, suitable for on the go.
  • Suitable for all animals (large, small, livestock).
  • Many happy owners who have given their animals a better well-being and a better quality of life.
  • Digital LCD display.
  • Versatile installation of the device (belt included).

Why is recovery so much faster with Pulzy Magnetic Therapy?

  • Increases oxygen supply to cells.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • It speeds up and improves cell metabolism.
  • All cells get more energy.

Electromagnetic field therapy effectively helps cells, the basic building blocks of the body, to become more active by helping to build up the cell’s charge. membrane. The cell envelope has a charge of 20 to 100 mV on its membrane; if this charge is less than 20 mV, the cell becomes inactive or dies. When this happens, the ion pumps do not work and oxygen and nutrients cannot pass through the cell envelope, nor can waste materials be excreted. The pulsating magnetic field helps each affected cell, and thus the whole organism, to become more resistant to various diseases and the development of new tissue is maximally guaranteed. All of these are reasons to improve the functioning of the body’s cells and processes, speeding up the healing of wounds, fractures and general recovery, and ensuring better vitality.

Why is magnetic therapy a good choice?

  • Safe, non-invasive and effective.
  • 100% natural treatment with no side effects
  • Tested on a huge number of occasions.
  • Quick help with immediate effect.
  • FDA and NASA approved and recognised.
  • It is recommended by veterinarians.
  • Performing the therapy at home, without the need to transport and disturb the animals.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Can be shared with other therapies.

What the set contains:

  • electromagnetic therapy device,
  • power adapter,
  • the fastening strap,
  • instructions detailing the treatment protocol to be followed, depending on the health problem.

How does the Pulzy electromagnetic therapy device work?

The device works by converting electrical energy into a pulsating magnetic field using a built-in coil and emits frequencies from 2 to 100 Hz and also higher harmonic frequencies up to 1,000,000 Hz, which are recorded in 8 different programmes. The frequencies stimulate the body’s cells, triggering self-healing.

You choose the programme and thus the magnetic field strength, or. frequency range. Each programme is tailored to a specific type of therapy: regeneration, inflammation, immune system, fracture, calming. The enclosed instructions detail which programme to set up for which needs and how long it should run.

How do we make sure that a PEMF device is really emitting a strong magnetic field?

Humans have no sense of a changing and constant magnetic field, so we cannot feel devices that emit a pulsating magnetic field. To check this, we can resort to a simple and proven measurement method using a special stethoscope, which has a magnet built in and acts as a magnetic field indicator. This is the ME 600 stethoscope, developed at Medicoel. This method allows the human being to feel the magnetic field and thus the quality of the device.

Examples of Pulzy device use

Example 1.

The younger dog broke his paw when jumping. The fracture is properly taken care of by a vet, and then PEMF (magnetic therapy) is performed daily at home. For faster recovery after a fracture, the D, F, U and Bio-Q programmes are suitable, as the frequencies of these programmes help bone and tissue healing. The therapy starts in the morning with programme D (10 Hz – 24 Hz) and is performed for 5 min at maximum intensity. Then run the Bio-Q programme (2 Hz – 1MHz) for 15 min at maximum intensity. In the evening, the Pulzy is set to the F (2 Hz) programme to run for 5 min at medium intensity, and as the last part of the day’s therapy, the U (5 Hz) programme is run for 10 min at medium intensity.

Example 2.

We want to reduce anxiety and excitement in the horse due to noise in the new environment. According to the instructions, we set a calming programme (U and F) that generates frequencies to reduce stress and promote relaxation. In the morning, start with programme U (5 Hz) at maximum intensity for 10 min. When it finishes, set programme F (2 Hz) for 10 min at medium intensity. In the evening, the same protocol is repeated, except that the last treatment of the day is at the lowest strength.

It is possible to buy in 3 instalments, in which case please email toncka@medikoel.com.


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