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Beehive aerosol inhalation set API AEROSOL I PLUS

The set includes:
– a hive adapter,
– a special filter
– a professional hose with a smooth inner surface that
makes cleaning easy.
– Special professional mask with unidirectional
valve, fits snugly over the face, thus
allows greater aerosol inhalation power from the hive.

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Aerosol – Hive Air Inhalation Set

– It is recommended for the purpose of releasing hive air for both professional and personal use.

– The aerosol inhalation kit contains a hive attachment, a special filter and a professional hose with a smooth inner surface (the outer appearance is ribbed) for easy cleaning. The hose and mask can be cleaned with 70% alcohol.

– The cleaned tube, mask and mouthpiece can be stored in a vacuum bag.

– The special professional mask with one-way valve fits snugly over the face, allowing greater inhalation power of the hive air. Inhalation through a mask or mouthpiece is recommended. Exhalation is recommended into the room ( not into a mask or mouthpiece ), although a one-way flow-through valve is fitted.

– Possible protective use when the beekeeper is working with oxalic acid, formic acid and bee venom (the beekeeper puts on a mask with a hose, the other end of the hose is placed on his back to allow fresh air to be drawn in).

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