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Package 5: Propolis vaporiser + propolis

The Propolis Vaporizer is a leading innovation for relieving respiratory problems, cleaning and disinfecting the air and pleasantly scenting the room. The vapour produced by the device is 100% natural propolis essential oil. Propolis must be purchased and is included in this package.

The set includes:

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Why is Propo Steam an indispensable product for the home and in apitherapy?

The Propo Steam apitherapy device allows you to benefit from the positive properties of propolis by inhaling the propolis vapour. We create the best room conditions for our respiratory system in a 100% natural way, as the air is disinfected and purified thanks to the exceptional properties of propolis.

Propolis has the ability to clean microbes, organic solvents and floating particles from the air. It is antibacterocidal and cytostatic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, prevents microbial growth and regenerates tissues.

The therapy can be administered in two ways: directly inhaled through the mask or indirectly in the room.

Why is this package so useful?

When we want to carry out propolis inhalation therapy, we need propolis or propolis vaporizer, Propo Steam, in addition to the Propo Steam. any mixture of ingredients that are beneficial for respiratory conditions. To this end, we have included raw propolis in the form of Propo Tab tablets that fit into the active ingredient container. You get 6 tablets of 6g each, one tablet is useful for about 120 hours of use (5 full days). A full pack of six tablets is enough for 30 days of use.

If you want to make a larger stock of propolis tablets, we recommend a pack of 18 tablets (-10% cheaper). You can choose from propolis, beeswax, peppermint and pollen.

If you don’t already have the tools to clean the hose and mask, we recommend a package that already includes them (or buy the cleaning kit separately). This makes it much quicker, easier and more efficient to clean the pipe and prevent moisture build-up and potential mould growth.

Propo Tab po izbiri 1

For the lower respiratory tract, For the upper respiratory tract


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