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  • high density aerosol dispenser

Me125 High Density Aerosol Dispenser

The innovative ampoule design allows a high concentration of the drug or saline solution to be inhaled by the patient with less wastage than with conventional inhalers.


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Why is a high-density aerosol dispenser better than others?

  • It includes a combination of unique features that allow the formation of a dense aerosol.
  • It ensures maximum capillary activity and better flow and behaviour of the drug or saline solution.
  • Maximum aerosol delivery and minimum loss of drug or saline Increased aerosol volume.
  • The first third of each breath travels to the lungs and primary bronchi.
  • Shorter treatment times with better results.
  • It also allows the patient to be comfortably positioned during treatment.
  • Prevents medical infections from the patient’s saliva.
  • Larger volumes of aerosol are introduced into the airways in less time and relief is faster.
  • Money and work are being saved. Labour energy is used more efficiently.
  • The high-density aerosol dispenser ensures consistent and reliable results.
  • It allows easy cleaning and disassembly and reassembly of parts.
  • Compatible ampoule with various attachments, including a wide range of mouthpieces and masks, in children’s and adult sizes.
  • There are no allergic reactions that can be triggered by latex.

The product is a spare part, not a medical device.

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